1. tkjmac
2. moviejimmy298
3. EquaFail
4. 7942madaj
5. terminalbay
1.moviejimmy298 01/26/2018
Cowen & Company cuts to market perform
2.7942madaj 02/01/2018
Company enters into an exclusive agreement under which CANbridge
3.moviejimmy298 03/05/2018
we get back over $100
4.moviejimmy298 11/10/2017
Sales didnt make the cut.... needs more time?
5.EquaFail 01/24/2018
6.EquaFail 03/05/2018
$PBYI about to blow
7.tkjmac 01/24/2018
patience, will rebound
8.tkjmac 03/05/2018
Well, it's about time PBYI!
9.EquaFail 11/10/2017
Bears are wrong here. This is going back to $130 easily again. Sales needs more time, agreed
10.tkjmac 01/30/2018
Puma Biotech. and Medison Pharma enter into exclusive agreement
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