1. user1mill
2. guy67charret
3. joaniesee
4. dennynut
5. 94libelle94
1.joaniesee 09/28/2017
Under the radar company that keeps signing new contracts left and right: Expands to Seven New U.S. Cities {Link}
2.dennynut 09/28/2017
3.user1mill 10/03/2017
I guess they could get them their quicker to try to stop things
4.stocksurfer 11/09/2017
PT of $23 means this will be there soon
5.guy67charret 11/09/2017
Is looking fantastic! 72% revenue growth!
6.guy67charret 02/20/2018
Reports Q4 loss of $0.26 per share. Beats on revenues.
7.joaniesee 10/03/2017
Rockford, IL oks $310k for ShotSpotter. Current schools are being worked on account of poss shooters. Remote secure, single passageway, and tech like shotspotter... They charge 65k a yr to monitor a
8.94libelle94 01/24/2018
ShotSpotter and Verizon Partner to Expand Gunshot Detection Through City Street Lights
9.joaniesee 10/03/2017
Sad, but could this tech stop something like today?
10.guy67charret 09/28/2017
"83 $SSTI activations since 08/16/17, only 17% of those called into 911; 83% of gunfire activity going unreported." Looks like San Diego PD is presenting first year results on Oct 4th. I'll bet the
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