1. 7722tambri
2. cauterize2
3. bootsbuck719
4. rich44bayley
5. hd4773
1.bootsbuck719 04/03/2018
I bought some too ;)
2.7722tambri 01/16/2018
3.rich44bayley 01/16/2018
UroGen Pharma Announces Proposed Public Offering of Ordinary Shares
4.7722tambri 04/03/2018
UroGen Pharma Announces Presentation of Results from Interim Analysis of Pivotal Phase 3 OLYMPUS Trial of UGN-101 (MitoGel™) for Non-Surgical Treatment of Upper Tract Urothelial Cancer (UTUC)
5.cauterize2 04/03/2018
Nice action today.
6.7722tambri 02/07/2018
Investment Opportunities in Advanced Bioengineered Drug Delivery
7.cauterize2 01/16/2018
Sometimes they have news stored up after the offering
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