1. obsessiontreasur
2. researcher17
3. umberjacques
4. fpratt
5. amarilys3905
1.researcher17 03/07/2018
Carvana Launches in San Diego, Expanding West Coast Presence with Third California Market
2.fpratt 03/14/2018
Wow lol~ {Image}
3.researcher17 11/13/2017
Carvana Co (NYSE: CVNA ) reported second-quarter earnings Tuesday that showed a slightly better-than-expected loss of 29 cents per share versus expectations of a 30 cent per share loss on on worse-tha
4.amarilys3905 06/20/2018
Carvana Opens the Country's Largest Car Vending Machine in Tempe
5.obsessiontreasur 03/14/2018
PRICE: $21.24 CHANGE: 2.37 (12.6%)
6.umberjacques 11/13/2017
7.researcher17 03/07/2018
Beats EPS loss estimates by $0.01. Misses on revenues.
8.fpratt 04/16/2018
zoom!!!!! awesome stuff here
9.researcher17 11/13/2017
A lot of volitility
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