1. TTrade333
2. bezy5
3. BillyBob
4. greymeridian92
5. csul7667
1.greymeridian92 10/11/2017
Have some, but not a lot, still not fully confident in the long term view... but they are somewhat innovative
2.BillyBob 11/07/2017
Oh Snap
3.bezy5 01/25/2018
Shorts will get burned one of these days
4.bezy5 02/04/2018
Snap Inc Has a Challenging Road Ahead, But This Analyst Is Banking on a 2018 Turnaround - Smarter Analyst
5.danielwilliamsms 02/22/2018
A petition blasting Snapchats redesign has attracted more than 1.2 million signatures.
6.greymeridian92 11/07/2017
Bad day.... out for several hours today...
7.BillyBob 02/13/2018
Alphabet’s Google unveils new tech
8.paul0g7G 02/08/2018
Jim Cramer says Snap is finally a "legitimate" investment idea now that it's solved several key problems.
9.TTrade333 02/09/2018
emerging markets.
10.betzabe7995 05/03/2018
$SNAP badly missed earnings expectations,
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