1. AaronFrasier
2. chaiwen1675
3. dimarco17
4. 5285sean
5. pitlove65965
1.5285sean 02/13/2018
Slam Dunk! 17.4%
2.pitlove65965 10/31/2017
How long will they last?
3.chaiwen1675 02/14/2018
Interesting news: -
4.pitlove65965 03/07/2018
Stock is added to the Best Idea Short List at Hedgeye
5.dimarco17 02/13/2018
Why Under Armour's Stock Is Surging After Its Earnings Report
6.chaiwen1675 10/31/2017
Yuk, people were hoping this was going to be another "shoe" surprise
7.AaronFrasier 05/01/2018
Under Armour Reports First Quarter Results
8.AaronFrasier 02/05/2018
Citigroup cuts PT
9.AaronFrasier 02/13/2018
Reports EPS in-line with estimates. Beats on revenues.
10.chaiwen1675 08/28/2018
Under Armour May Drop 10% on Weaker Results
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