1. jeie2949
2. gonzalezr97
3. vintagestyledevi
4. jhfhaz
5. fellerblaston
1.gonzalezr97 04/17/2018
Consolidated-Tomoka Land Co. Reports First Quarter 2018 Earnings of $1.97 Per Share
2.jeie2949 03/19/2018
Consolidated-Tomoka Completes Sale of Approximately 34.9 Acres for $13.9 Million to Buc-ee's
3.jhfhaz 06/18/2018
Consolidated-Tomoka Announces Payoff of Approximately $9.0 Million Loan Investment
4.fellerblaston 04/10/2018
Consolidated-Tomoka Releases Investor Presentation and Mails Letter to Shareholders Highlighting Proven Track Record of Delivering Shareholder Value
5.jeie2949 03/27/2018
Consolidated-Tomoka Completes Sale of Remaining Four Self-Developed Properties for $11.43MM
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