1. SaulGoodman
2. june55famvid
3. SugarDaddy
1.SaulGoodman 09/25/2017
EnerJex Resources is ready to release updates?
2.june55famvid 03/22/2018
EnerJex Resources Inc (ENRJ) Shares Take a Hit as Stockholders Approve Proposed Merger with AgEagle Aerial Systems
3.SugarDaddy 09/25/2017
I'm purchasing up all the potential modest gaseous petrol stocks for warming vitality.
4.SaulGoodman 09/25/2017
At the point when merger is finished going to be a major payday. both oil and gaseous petrol costs going up for the coming winter months and occasions.
5.SaulGoodman 03/22/2018
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