1. jdav580
2. brendapartyka
3. cthulhu990music
4. Fibonacci
5. rollingemdice
1.brendapartyka 01/29/2018
24% down
2.jdav580 02/26/2018
Northern Dynasty Files Technical Report on the Pebble Project, Alaska
3.jdav580 01/29/2018
Glad I only have a small amount of this
4.cthulhu990music 01/29/2018
Red days always hurt when you are long
5.Fibonacci 01/29/2018
$NAK News - TD Securities cuts to hold
6.brendapartyka 06/05/2018
Strong buy ???.....In @ 0.47
7.jdav580 01/29/2018
Northern Dynasty: Permitting for Southwest Alaska's Pebble Project remains on track
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