1. DayOneToday
2. TTrade333
3. tjgasman
4. cmur4344
5. fishingregg
1.fishingregg 11/10/2017
Completed their offering
2.fishingregg 10/23/2017
Lots of news lately, on my watch list
3.tjgasman 03/05/2018
Pareteum Global Cloud Wins IoT Evolution's 2017 IoT Excellence Award
4.TTrade333 01/17/2018
Nice action today, up 4%
5.DayOneToday 01/29/2018
Anyone else read this? - Pareteum Adds IP/PBX Features into Global Cloud and Managed Service Offering
6.bernier1794 02/07/2018
Pareteum Publishes Blockchain White Paper Defining Opportunities in the Mobile Market
7.cmur4344 01/17/2018
Super news out! - Awarded $3 Million Contract
8.tjgasman 11/11/2017
Earnings Monday
9.TTrade333 12/26/2017
Pareteum Halted, Soars, On Blockchain Press Release
10.dwil0771 02/14/2018
Pareteum Awarded $1.5 Million Connected Home and Office Project in United Kingdom
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