1. alertme2times
2. adee3750
3. aprilMay53343
4. watchmakermauric
5. 4588mustangdoc
1.alertme2times 01/22/2018
PT set at $29, nice possibility
2.adee3750 06/08/2018
probably see $30s soon
3.adee3750 03/05/2018
NICE! {Image}
4.4588mustangdoc 03/05/2018
yes sure
5.adee3750 06/20/2018
Headlines that an Oprah spokesman has denied the earlier stake speculation
6.alertme2times 06/20/2018
Vague market chatter that Oprah could be acquiring a stake
7.aprilMay53343 03/05/2018
It's time to sell
8.alertme2times 03/05/2018
I like this very much!
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