1. indevur4
2. mazurstoychest
3. cmallen7
4. momie844
5. jonestownfan522
1.jonestownfan522 05/04/2018
Acquisition of CANDI Controls Assets adds Edge Gateway Technology to Altair's IoT Platform
2.momie844 08/30/2018
Altair Introduces a Disruptive New Licensing Model for the solidThinking Software Suite
3.cmallen7 02/02/2018
Inspire 2018 Software Release Accelerates Pace of Product Innovation
4.cmallen7 05/10/2018
Acquires FluiDyna GmbH;
5.mazurstoychest 01/11/2018
Altair Partner Alliance Expands Software Offering in 2017, Growth to Continue in 2018
6.indevur4 01/30/2018
Berenberg initiates as a buy, $33PT
7.momie844 05/03/2018
Company acquires CANDI Controls; terms not disclosed
8.mazurstoychest 02/21/2018
Altair Expands Thermal Capabilities for Electronics; Acquires TES International's Software, Hires Key Technologist
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