1. luistiburon
2. brazill0
3. 898richards
4. 4bassman
5. clikks
1.luistiburon 01/19/2018
Freakin amazing day! Great volume also
2.898richards 01/19/2018
Volume is pretty shallow. In any case, this should continue upwards as it has been through 2018 so far
3.luistiburon 01/19/2018
Announces 'promising' clinical data on NUC-1031 as front-line treatment of advanced biliary tract cancer
4.brazill0 05/24/2018
Reports Q1 EPS loss of £0.20
5.brazill0 01/19/2018
Remember it was only phase 1 though
6.4bassman 01/19/2018
Boom! Sweet news, huge market here
7.luistiburon 01/19/2018
BIG News! - NuCana Announces Promising Clinical Data at ASCO GI on NUC-1031 (Acelarin®) as Front-Line Treatment of Advanced Biliary Tract Cancer
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