1. jiocsells
2. ffnorwn
3. loenoor
4. panzerteam22
5. jhkind9
1.loenoor 01/03/2018
Wellington Management Company hold 5% now
2.jiocsells 03/20/2018
Beautiful day today!
3.panzerteam22 06/25/2018
Zealand Pharma presents two dasiglucagon milestone studies at the 78th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association (ADA)
4.ffnorwn 03/20/2018
Zealand Pharma's first Phase 3 trial with dasiglucagon for treatment of severe hypoglycemia successfully meets its primary objective
5.jiocsells 01/24/2018
its time to get back to $18
6.ffnorwn 02/15/2018
Zealand Pharma's dasiglucagon Phase 2a results at the 11th International Conference on ATTD
7.jiocsells 04/26/2018
Zealand announces successful End-of-Phase 2 meeting with FDA on glepaglutide for short bowel syndrome
8.jiocsells 01/19/2018
Zealand Pharma announces progress to Phase 3 with dasiglucagon for the treatment of congenital hyperinsulinism in first half 2018
9.ffnorwn 03/07/2018
Zealand Pharma 2017 full-year results in line with guidance - considerable progress in the clinical portfolio
10.jhkind9 03/20/2018
WoW !! 10.4% {Image}
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