1. leegee4583
2. pat4734
3. dddimensions
4. ssparker8zuh
5. mil4bas
1.dddimensions 01/16/2018
Boom, closed at 21% up
2.leegee4583 01/16/2018
Crazy market right now
3.ssparker8zuh 08/22/2018
Newater Technology, Inc. Issues Statement on Recent Volatility of its Stock Price
4.mil4bas 01/16/2018
You just have to know how to play the game! 21% up though is not much compared to other PRs
5.dddimensions 01/18/2018
Ugly pullback here
6.pat4734 04/20/2018
Newater Technology, Inc. Announces Plans and Partial Completion of New Manufacturing Facility in Yantai, China.
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