1. cjpicub5wwpsjdg
2. assomirza
3. tullyenterprises
4. 2u7cays
5. nmcnemar
1.nmcnemar 01/29/2018
This is hurting me bad, need some good news
2.assomirza 02/22/2018
Redfin Fourth-Quarter 2017 Revenue up 43% Year-over-Year to $95.8 Million
3.cjpicub5wwpsjdg 02/05/2018
Found the news. -
4.cjpicub5wwpsjdg 01/29/2018
That’s rough today
5.tullyenterprises 02/06/2018
Jefferies initiates as a buy, $28PT
6.tullyenterprises 01/29/2018
Piper Jaffray raises price target to $29 from $24
7.assomirza 02/05/2018
Redfin Brings 1% Listing Fee to San Francisco
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