1. marydrake
2. remymagnet
3. ash2767
4. trist990
5. rollingemdice
1.ash2767 03/27/2018
Yipes! They should be in jail
2.trist990 12/15/2017
this thing will tap $20 today
3.ash2767 03/27/2018
Citron strikes again
4.marydrake 12/15/2017
Longfin Corp. Acquires Ziddu.com, A Blockchain-empowered Global Micro-lending Solutions Provider
5.remymagnet 12/21/2017
The Curious Case Of Longfin Illustrates The Scale Of Cryptocurrency ManiaLongfin stock's wild ride showed the power of blockchain-linked crypto plays...even if LFIN really isn't one.{Link}
6.marydrake 01/22/2018
Longfin Corp. Launches Commercial Ziddu Smart Contracts on Ethereum Blockchain
7.remymagnet 01/22/2018
liking it
8.rollingemdice 12/18/2017
Crazyness right now
9.remymagnet 01/22/2018
Nice, hopefully we stay over $40 for good now
10.rollingemdice 01/22/2018
currently, but may be other options in the future
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