1. greater777
2. MamisTrist
3. dilligafftu4
4. odecokid
5. koda020
1.MamisTrist 01/30/2018
Anyone feeling the heat, yet?
2.greater777 01/31/2018
Evercore ISI just initiated as an outperform, $27PT
3.koda020 05/17/2018
Rocket Pharmaceuticals and the Stanford University School of Medicine
4.MamisTrist 01/26/2018
Announces pricing of 5.5 mln shares of common stock at $13.25/share for approximately $72.9 mln
5.MamisTrist 01/23/2018
Of course, right when I had some hope this happens
6.dilligafftu4 01/23/2018
Right at the 52week high
7.dilligafftu4 05/21/2018
Rocket Pharmaceuticals
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