1. darthcook
2. 747otis
3. jahshus5frih0hjc
4. gracedav
1.747otis 01/26/2018
Company has increased the size of its IPO to 7M shares at $18-19 from 5.89M shares at $16-18
2.gracedav 01/26/2018
Solid Biosciences Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering
3.darthcook 01/25/2018
Company has priced an upsized initial public offering at $16/share, below expected range of $18-$19
4.jahshus5frih0hjc 03/14/2018
Receives notification from the FDA that IGNITE DMD, its Phase I/II clinical trial for SGT-001 microdystrophi…
5.darthcook 01/30/2018
Wild day
6.darthcook 03/14/2018
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