1. rfedbrk
2. jamiejones6806
3. wespi114
4. gnickg9585
5. rjracingdr
1.ghueck 04/03/2018
High expectations
2.jamiejones6806 05/03/2018
Reports Q1 EPS loss
3.gnickg9585 04/03/2018
Wake up SPOT
4.rfedbrk 04/03/2018
What's Next for Spotify (SPOT) After Today's IPO?
5.jamiejones6806 04/03/2018
Thought I'd share:
6.rjracingdr 04/03/2018
holding shares
7.rjracingdr 04/05/2018
Canaccord Genuity initiates as a buy, $200PT
8.rfedbrk 08/27/2018
Monness, Crespi & Hardt initiates as a buy, $265PT
9.shararker476 04/12/2018
Company acquires Loudr; terms not disclosed
10.hydreau94 04/24/2018
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