1. wolvergeek
2. jordanjames7
3. danielwilliamsms
4. dlrothwell
5. 7946manley049
1.danielwilliamsms 06/04/2018
Announces results from Phase 3 CheckMate -227
2.7946manley049 01/26/2018
$25 Million Payment
3.jordanjames7 04/16/2018
Announces initial results from pivotal Phase 3 study (CheckMate -227) evaluating Opdivo 3 mg/kg plus low-dose…
4.jordanjames7 01/26/2018
Crickets... Nobody?
5.7946manley049 01/29/2018
BMY Feb 62 calls are seeing interest with 6970 contracts trading
6.jordanjames7 01/22/2018
Product expansion
7.dlrothwell 02/05/2018
$BMY. news. - Announces that the ongoing Phase 3 CheckMate -227 study met its co-primary endpoint of progression-free survi…
8.wolvergeek 02/05/2018
Yes, by all means go down so I can buy more
9.dlrothwell 06/01/2018
Bristol-Myers Opdivo plus low-dose Vervoy
10.wolvergeek 04/17/2018
Bristol Myers Squibb (BMY) Will Face Significant Headwinds in 2019 - Here's Why
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