1. BuyHighSellLow
2. ColoradoColo
3. rwayneham
4. roberlan40
5. bkmetzfrontierco
1.ColoradoColo 07/21/2018
First Analysis initiates coverage with Overweight rating
2.roberlan40 06/01/2018
Company acquires Progressly to expand workflow option
3.rwayneham 05/30/2018
Box shares fall after earnings beat
4.ColoradoColo 10/20/2017
Charts looking lovely ideal buy in range is 18.00-19. Seems ready to breakout, watching for now
5.BuyHighSellLow 05/07/2018
Box Sets Date to Announce First Quarter Fiscal 2019 Financial Results
6.BuyHighSellLow 10/20/2017
Adding new tools powered by machine learning
7.BuyHighSellLow 01/25/2018
Occlutech Moves Workforce to Box to Power Cloud Content Management
8.bkmetzfrontierco 08/28/2018
Beats EPS loss estimates by $0.01 and beats on revenues
9.BuyHighSellLow 03/23/2018
Shares dip following IPO from competitor Dropbox
10.rwayneham 05/30/2018
Beats EPS by $0.01
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