1. lotsofluck
2. willster76
3. houseOblocks
4. lgua1750
5. SugarDaddy
1.houseOblocks 10/18/2017
2.willster76 10/18/2017
Not worried here. Still solid trend.
3.sarah12630 05/29/2018
Alcoa Corporation Provides Update to Partial Restart of Aluminum Smelter at Warrick Operations
4.willster76 04/11/2018
Fears of supply disruption have led to a big rally in aluminum prices.
5.lotsofluck 10/18/2017
Alcoa: Just Another Company Announcing an Earnings Miss
6.lgua1750 04/06/2018
Aluminum prices surge as traders surprised by new U.S. sanctions on Russia
7.SugarDaddy 10/18/2017
Alcoa Sees Aluminum Market Balancing as China Cuts Start to BiteAlcoa Corp. sees Chinese cuts in aluminum production returning the global market to “relative balance” as the Asian nation’s supply-side
8.houseOblocks 01/18/2018
Pretty depressing to say the least.
9.lgua1750 02/05/2018
10.zoomom40 01/18/2018
Price target up, but stock down
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