1. socom7998
2. teamgrean
3. 55intrigue24
4. oco4512
5. ash68th
1.55intrigue24 03/15/2018
Adaptimmune Announces Responses in Second Solid Tumor Indication with NY-ESO SPEAR T-cells
2.oco4512 03/15/2018
This floater is running
3.socom7998 01/08/2018
Breaking News: - Adaptimmune Announces Positive Safety Data from Pilot Studies with MAGE-A10 SPEAR T-cells and First Patient to Receive 1 billion Target Cell Dose
4.ash68th 03/15/2018
Adaptimmune Reports Fourth Quarter / Full Year 2017 Financial Results and Business Update
5.socom7998 06/04/2018
Presented a safety update
6.socom7998 01/08/2018
Adaptimmune Announces Two Manufacturing Achievements on Its way to Become the First Fully Integrated TCR T-cell Therapy Company
7.55intrigue24 03/15/2018
Great looking chart. Great data release.... combo here
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