1. RetirementPlan1
2. BillyBob
4. jamewoodham26
5. ChemCritique
1.BillyBob 11/04/2017
They did a 5000 to 1 Reverse Split. The share structure is 3M float and 10M AS. 3 Months ago it was at 0 pretty much w/ 15 Billion plus shares.
2.jamewoodham26 11/05/2017
Their ship
3.MAJDAVARAN 11/05/2017
Its a low floater with a super low AS. Currently at a $1.6mil market cap
4.RetirementPlan1 11/04/2017
Liking what I see
5.RetirementPlan1 11/04/2017
Just to reach value of boat they own, this should be at 35 cents
6.MAJDAVARAN 11/04/2017
And I wouldn't be surprised to get a PR soon. The last pr was September 6.
7.ChemCritique 11/04/2017
What is the deal with the share structure? Thx
8.TickerTalk44 11/05/2017
In good shape
9.jamewoodham26 11/10/2017
Hopefully it holds in this range
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