1. tcl2015
2. 813kimd
3. nomaam4565
4. willster76
5. fredwilson79
1.nomaam4565 01/26/2018
Company takes $90M stake in Millipede with option to acquire
2.nomaam4565 10/02/2017
45 degree angle chart
3.willster76 10/02/2017
4.tcl2015 02/01/2018
Sees FY18 revs of $9.650-$9.800 bln vs. $9.6 bln
5.nomaam4565 02/05/2018
Speculation that Jana Partners has taken a stake in the company
6.fredwilson79 01/26/2018
Boston Scientific Announces Investment and Acquisition Option Agreement with Millipede, Inc.
7.813kimd 01/12/2018
Thoughts on this news?
8.tcl2015 01/11/2018
Update for $BSX
9.813kimd 10/02/2017
Buying more!
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