1. etbubba
3. monchika
4. fishingregg
5. georgefloto
1.monchika 01/30/2018
Sleeper here, they are doing some major purchases lately
2.MAJDAVARAN 02/01/2018
Beats EPS estimates by $0.04 and beats on revenues
3.etbubba 03/13/2018
Blackstone to Make Strategic Minority Investment in Rockpoint
4.etbubba 01/30/2018
Thomson Reuters confirms Blackstone to acquire 55% interest in F&R with Thomson Reuters to retain 45% stake
5.MAJDAVARAN 11/27/2017
Big backer
6.etbubba 10/02/2017
Sell report
7.fishingregg 10/02/2017
Everyone has their opinions, some abuse it tho
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