1. rushcomic
2. primetimetim
3. craymonk
4. 007Bondsman
5. sbonquist
1.sbonquist 10/02/2017
SaaS platform soon?
2.007Bondsman 11/07/2017
Singles day (lol)
3.rushcomic 10/02/2017
Big money when online promotions
4.craymonk 11/07/2017
“China’s Shopify” still has a lot of room to run
5.craymonk 10/02/2017
Will it break out of this pattern? {Image}
6.007Bondsman 11/21/2017
Looking for a nice pop tomorrow
7.craymonk 10/02/2017
8.rushcomic 01/09/2018
We are seeing 33 today..
9.primetimetim 03/07/2018
Will take today after closing up 31.11%.
10.rushcomic 01/09/2018
I'm holding this since 28
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