1. MindHealthYourself
2. bajatamlin
3. carter0
4. crsmitty
5. cashcac7
1.carter0 05/15/2018
Citigroup's Stock May Rebound by 10%
2.MindHealthYourself 08/28/2018
Citigroup's Stock May Rise 10% on Earnings Growth
3.carter0 03/14/2018
Citi Reigns as the Largest Affordable Housing Lender Nationally
4.bajatamlin 06/29/2018
Business is booming in Asia for $C
5.crsmitty 02/02/2018
Yes Sir
6.bajatamlin 04/13/2018
Citigroup Reports First Quarter 2018 Financial Results
7.MindHealthYourself 11/27/2017
Not liking the chart
8.bajatamlin 05/30/2018
Get Used to Uncertainty: Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap
9.MindHealthYourself 05/08/2018
ValueAct acknowledges
10.MindHealthYourself 04/13/2018
Nomura's Steven Chubak Shares Two Cents on JPMorgan (JPM) and Citigroup (C) Following 1Q:18 Earnings
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