1. thenutbreaker
2. WillSchibler79
3. sosnitskyi000
4. dorkster000
5. danniesc
1.danniesc 02/22/2018
B. Riley FBR Cuts Price Target
2.790michael 04/11/2018
should be interesting.
3.thenutbreaker 09/18/2017
Bounced nicely today
4.WillSchibler79 02/21/2018
Added a bunch here today $AAOI, prob should have waited
5.thenutbreaker 01/29/2018
What's happening today... ? this thing is bombing ..!
6.WillSchibler79 01/29/2018
Another hold rating
7.WillSchibler79 01/29/2018
Bought some here at $33.15 We'll see...
8.thenutbreaker 02/22/2018
Better rebound then
9.WillSchibler79 01/09/2018
who is still holding this?
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