1. robflutie
2. ggordon100
3. rdjr2
4. 007Bondsman
5. prncsstss0
1.robflutie 10/23/2017
Here is what is expected {Link}
2.rdjr2 10/23/2017
They have a lot in the pipeline, so Friday was a blip
3.rdjr2 03/21/2018
JPMorgan resumes coverage as an overweight, $110PT
4.rdjr2 01/23/2018
Surprised at the Neutral Rating Reiterate
5.ggordon100 01/19/2018
Juno Therapeutics Inc May Be the Ideal Takeout Target for a Large Pharma like Celgene
6.ggordon100 10/23/2017
Recent price action
7.prncsstss0 05/25/2018
Investing Guru Philip Hempleman Clears Out of Helios and Matheson (HMNY), Takes Off Full Speed in Celgene (CELG)
8.rdjr2 01/24/2018
BMO Capital reiterates Buy rating, $144 PT
9.rdjr2 02/14/2018
And of course if you want to diversify pick this but this is good.
10.robflutie 01/26/2018
Canaccord Genuity reiterates buy rating, $140PT
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