1. E3attendee
2. ddearing14
3. blackclouds
1.blackclouds 10/01/2017
I am liking this: "deliver significantly greater results for its shareholders over the next several years"... like from $8 to $3.
2.E3attendee 10/01/2017
NASDAQ stock could retrace to previous highs soon. 100 Million dollar company with 4 huge divisions! {Link} "In addition to the proposed Key Tronic Corporation transaction we have several
3.ddearing14 01/24/2018
Cemtrex Announces Strategic Partnership with Blockchain based Smartglasses Manufacturer, Lucyd
4.ddearing14 01/26/2018
Pay attention
5.E3attendee 03/20/2018
Cemtrex Announces Partnership Program for its Augmented Reality WorkbenchXR tool Due to Overwhelming Interest
6.blackclouds 10/01/2017
Still have hope
7.ddearing14 01/26/2018
partnership details
8.E3attendee 01/24/2018
Maybe a bounce tomorrow? Dropped from the high
9.E3attendee 01/26/2018
News release??? Couldnt tell with no action today lol Blockchain no longer moves I guess
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