1. tashski7993
2. SteamGreenlight5
3. paradoxis
1.SteamGreenlight5 04/27/2018
Announces that the FDA
2.tashski7993 03/30/2018
Have a sell order in for $10!
3.paradoxis 03/26/2018
Compugen Announces Appointment of Henry Adewoye, MD, as Chief Medical Officer
4.tashski7993 03/30/2018
That's a good call IMO.
5.paradoxis 01/18/2018
Compugen Presents New Preclinical Data Demonstrating the Distinctive Features of the PVRIG Pathway in Immuno-Oncology and the Potential of COM701 for Treating Multiple Solid Tumors
6.SteamGreenlight5 02/06/2018
Good DD here
7.tashski7993 01/18/2018
Like it, but volume was a little lower today than would like
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