1. dearlittlebubsfr
2. benoneauction
3. htho1681
4. titanrep20
5. dancebunch
1.dancebunch 03/30/2018
we needed this news
2.benoneauction 03/23/2018
CGG: announces the appointment of Sophie Zurquiyah as Chief Executive Officer & the cooptation of two new Board members
3.dearlittlebubsfr 03/30/2018
Thoughts on this recent news?
4.dearlittlebubsfr 02/21/2018
5.htho1681 02/09/2018
CGG leads the way today as the best performing small cap stock
6.htho1681 02/12/2018
CGG: Instruments to be issued as part of CGG's financial restructuring plan
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