1. fxcutter
2. mcfaddence
3. ahwlove
4. lgray5
1.mcfaddence 05/03/2018
Coherus BioSciences Re-Submits Biologics License Application for CHS-1701 (Pegfilgrastim Biosimilar Candidate)
2.mcfaddence 05/03/2018
3.fxcutter 01/25/2018
Files for 776,104 shares common stock by the selling stockholder
4.mcfaddence 03/11/2018
moving up today! {Image}
5.fxcutter 05/14/2018
FDA has accepted and acknowledged
6.fxcutter 03/10/2018
Maxim Group cuts price target to $15 from $20
7.fxcutter 03/11/2018
Anyone have an idea if we get another up day?
8.fxcutter 03/11/2018
Added too
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