1. battledogg
2. kat333
3. charlesmt4523
4. fredeugenewillia
5. davcanvas77
1.charlesmt4523 04/10/2018
Reports March net sales -3.05% y/y to NT$17.49 bln
2.davcanvas77 09/10/2018
Reports August net sales -3.22% y/y to NT$17.78 bln
3.battledogg 02/12/2018
My DD : - Reported consolidated revenue +2.7% YoY to NT$18.23 billion, a 2.7%.
4.fredeugenewillia 01/30/2018
Sees FY18 revenues of NT$231.5-233 bln vs NT$228.78 bln
5.battledogg 01/31/2018
Chunghwa Telecom Reports 2018 Guidance
6.fredeugenewillia 07/30/2018
Reports Q2 EPS of NT$1.27 and revenue of NT$53.66B (-3.6% Y/Y)
7.kat333 01/31/2018
Chunghwa Telecom Reports Un-Audited Consolidated Operating Results for the Fourth Quarter and Full Year of 2017
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