1. blokerka54
2. jburrow6jim
3. rezalb6
4. 7322584
5. longswin
1.longswin 05/03/2018
Cigna Reports Strong First Quarter 2018 Results, Raises Outlook
2.rezalb6 02/01/2018
Cigna Delivers Strong 2017 Results, Expects Continued Revenue and Earnings Growth in 2018
3.blokerka54 02/02/2018
small up here
4.blokerka54 08/14/2018
Carl Icahn says he no longer intends “to solicit proxies to vote against” the Cigna, Express Scripts merger
5.rezalb6 06/13/2018
CVS Health and Aetna, along with Cigna and Express Scripts are seeing shares rally
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