1. royalwulff
2. dsoy44
3. zeerocoull
4. kblam
5. yogi4969
1.zeerocoull 06/13/2018
Cision Ltd. Announces Proposed Offering of 12,000,000 Shares by Selling Shareholders
2.dsoy44 01/29/2018
$CISN bullish to $14
3.muddycreekgroome 01/29/2018
4.kblam 01/29/2018
Sees FY18 adj. EPS $0.86-0.88 vs. $0.78
5.zeerocoull 09/13/2018
Prices 12M ordinary share offering by selling shareholders at $16.00 per share
6.royalwulff 06/15/2018
Cision Ltd. Announces Pricing of Secondary Offering
7.yogi4969 01/29/2018
wow... wish I would have got in last week
8.royalwulff 03/22/2018
Deutsche Bank resumes coverage as a buy, $20PT
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