1. baldwin789
2. aceinvestor
3. jgater94
4. Nickpickticker29
5. 007Bondsman
1.aceinvestor 01/18/2018
Interesting - Potential Acquisition to Implement Secured Music Social Commerce Platform
2.007Bondsman 01/29/2018
Would be nice to Expand Travel Rental Services with Blockchain and A.I. Platform
3.dabdbrl8xzdunjpm 02/12/2018
Sharing Economy International's Chairman Issues Open Letter to Shareholders
4.aceinvestor 10/09/2017
From public reports you can find that cash/share is $15 and cash/assets is $35.
5.francadradria 03/14/2018
Sharing Economy International Enters into MOU with Icon Property Limited Regarding Potential Acquisition of Qliq Damansara Hotel for Regional Expansion of Co-Working and Co-Living Communities
6.007Bondsman 02/12/2018
Yep, still in.... It's a minor position
7.Nickpickticker29 10/09/2017
News: Cleantech Solutions International Enters into Exclusivity Agreement with Inspirit Studio Regarding Potential Acquisition
8.jgater94 01/26/2018
Sharing Economy International to Partner with Business Office Operation Limited to Jointly Develop O2O Sharing Workspace Business Club with Blockchain and A.I. Technologies
9.jgater94 01/17/2018
Blockchain news
10.Nickpickticker29 10/09/2017
This will be a real winner...just have patience here
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