1. 21JumpStreet
2. eTruth
3. rollingemdice
4. 8Gates9Doors
5. JasonJohnJacobs
1.TradeChem 09/10/2017
@21JumpStreet lol who really knows. like the wireless charging possiblity : http://bgr.com/2017/08/01/iphone-8-features-wireless-charging-leak/  TradeChem Clicking thumbs up, bookmarking, and f
2.TickerTalk44 10/19/2017
Price too higher for iPhone 8?
3.20forMSFT 02/14/2018
Apple CEO: We can make a 'significant contribution' in health care
4.APPLEfanSoSO 01/17/2018
Update for $AAPL
5.Fibonacci 09/25/2017
One of the most profitable companies.
6.JasonJohnJacobs 09/12/2017
Event today
7.jcru8325 01/26/2018
BK Asset Management's Boris Schlossberg says the competition has caught up to Apple.
8.AaronFrasier 01/26/2018
Still Has Gains Up Its Sleeve
9.Fibonacci 01/19/2018
Apple Inc. (AAPL) Paying Off $38 Billion Cash Tax Hit Is Good Move for 2018 Backdrop
10.21JumpStreet 05/14/2018
Barron's cover story super-bullish on buybacks
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