1. lilderail
2. MamisTrist
3. pocketposies
4. happyinvestor
5. blackclouds
1.pocketposies 02/07/2018
PolarityTE™ Provides Business Updates on Clinical Use of SkinTE™: Regeneration of Full-Thickness Skin
2.happyinvestor 10/07/2017
$17M private placement deal
3.MamisTrist 10/14/2017
Could break to the top this week
4.happyinvestor 10/07/2017
Skin/hair regrown using patients own tissue. Human trial studies next catalyst. Coming soon
5.MamisTrist 10/07/2017
PolarityTE on go with U.S. commercialization of lead candidate SkinTE {Link}
6.lilderail 10/07/2017
Top Skin TE enrolled with FDA, top plastic specialist to lead board in '18. Anyinformation regarding what/why this is so low with uplifting news out there and high potential for all the more coming?
7.MamisTrist 02/15/2018
.... but pulled back all day {Image}
8.ash143648 02/15/2018
People finally wised up
9.lilderail 10/07/2017
2017 has been a great year for $COOL
10.blackclouds 10/07/2017
Management is key: They are a group of prepared reconstructive specialists, having unmatched experience and learning of genuine clinical needs!
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