1. AngelB40
2. cvinciguerra
3. tcknudson
4. aam791
5. zpc9909
1.cvinciguerra 08/10/2018
J.P. Morgan Chase downgraded shares of the company to underweight.
2.AngelB40 02/18/2018
Raises FY18 EPS to $3.10-3.17 from $2.95-3.02
3.zpc9909 03/06/2018
Higher steel prices would trickle down to canned goods purveyors.
4.tcknudson 03/01/2018
FuelCell Energy Announces New Five-Megawatt Project with Campbell Soup Company
5.AngelB40 07/03/2018
Dan Loebs Third Point is planning a major shakeup at Campbell Soup - NY Post
6.aam791 02/16/2018
Beats EPS estimates by $0.19 and slightly beats on revenues
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