1. nickychell
2. bmhs4509
3. shaunyt0
4. versajeff
5. emh8473
1.bmhs4509 03/19/2018
Affimed Appoints Dr. Leila Alland as Chief Medical Officer
2.shaunyt0 02/01/2018
AFMD leads the way today as the best performing small cap stock
3.nickychell 02/05/2018
closing up 40.96%.
4.shaunyt0 02/01/2018
Company reported additional preliminary patient data
5.nickychell 02/05/2018
Affimed Reports New Data for AFM13 from Two Separate Clinical Trials in Hodgkin and CD30-Positive Lymphomas
6.nickychell 03/20/2018
Nice buy @shaunyt0. Hoping it gets back in the high 2's. Been kinda hard to stick around.
7.bmhs4509 02/14/2018
Affimed Announces Pricing of Public Offering of Common Stock
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