1. lukie25
2. lynymark
3. fishingregg
4. Nickpickticker29
5. chartsANDthangs
1.lynymark 10/01/2017
Not just DAL either. Rough all around for airlines.
2.fishingregg 10/01/2017
On watch, earnings coming up Mid October I believe
3.doxiemill 01/11/2018
Love this news. - Delta Tops Q4 Earnings Estimates, Boosts 2018 Profit Guidance on U.S. Tax Reform
4.lukie25 10/01/2017
U.S. government auditor to look into airline IT disruptions -letter
5.doxiemill 10/03/2017
{Image} Delta up 6%. lowered its outlook though due to Hurricane Irma.
6.chartsANDthangs 02/02/2018
Reports operating performance for January --
7.lukie25 10/01/2017
All time low, might be opportunity to buy more or sell off. Tough call. I'm gonna see how Monday goes.
8.doxiemill 01/11/2018
Delta Air Lines Announces December Quarter and Full Year 2017 Profit
9.chartsANDthangs 10/03/2017
Looks like the market likes the ER
10.chartsANDthangs 10/03/2017
Looks like it pulling everyone higher {Link}
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