1. gogordan72
2. 8664pink
3. marz11
4. teremcna
5. ctti046
1.marz11 02/14/2018
2.8664pink 03/02/2018
Dana Confirms Discussions with GKN Regarding Potential Transaction
3.gogordan72 02/14/2018
$DAN in the Earnings
4.8664pink 03/05/2018
Dana Wins Contract to Supply All-Wheel-Drive Axle for New Volkswagen Crafter Van
5.marz11 03/29/2018
Dana Comments on Decision by GKN Shareholders
6.ctti046 04/23/2018
Dana Rexroth Collaborating with Engine Manufacturers to Support Stage V Emissions Regulations in Europe
7.gogordan72 05/01/2018
8.8664pink 03/26/2018
Dana Increases Cash Consideration for GKN Driveline by £100 million
9.gogordan72 03/19/2018
Sees FY18 revs $7.75-8.05 bln vs $7.71 bln
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