1. skinsfan01
2. Altmedsresearch
3. WayOfTheLIGHT
4. happyinvestor
5. chooseAside
1.chooseAside 01/23/2018
Tweet content
2.chooseAside 01/23/2018
Sounds like something is at least close to being done. I do have a nice chunk here.
3.Altmedsresearch 10/09/2017
4.dennynut 01/23/2018
Seems to be a long line
5.alein99 01/23/2018
Thoughts on type of company coming in?
6.skinsfan01 01/23/2018
New tweet out
7.Gameofthrones 01/23/2018
OTC is a waiting game
8.ItsNewman 01/23/2018
9.wolfmanmike 01/23/2018
Not noticed any dilution either
10.skinsfan01 10/09/2017
Have been loading up lately in the 1s. with the reverse split cancelled not much risk, just a waiting game
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