1. eddiebaez
2. pitlove65965
3. vincekim
4. thevelocitator
5. nasatech
1.pitlove65965 11/07/2017
Where does the stock price belong?
2.eddiebaez 02/21/2018
3.pitlove65965 01/22/2018
news out - Diana Containerships Inc. Announces the Sale of Two Post-Panamax Container Vessels
4.vincekim 11/05/2017
I think it is less than 1mil shares now
5.joanyboany 02/05/2018
Diana Containerships Inc. Announces Direct Continuation of Time Charter Contract for m/v Sagitta With Hapag-Lloyd
6.nasatech 11/05/2017
Super risky but...
7.eddiebaez 11/07/2017
Doubled up my investment since $13, sold at $25
8.thevelocitator 11/07/2017
I think people are too scared to hold, who knows if this is going to come back down to earth
9.vincekim 11/07/2017
Same pattern as yesterday
10.etbubba 01/22/2018
Rounding out the bottom of the chart a bit
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