1. 7senza6
2. GeniusByTrade
3. blackopsstreet
4. TradeChem
5. zhiggeOS29
1.7senza6 02/09/2018
Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC)
2.zhiggeOS29 10/18/2017
The Biggest Loser: Allergan's Patent Troubles
3.GeniusByTrade 01/10/2018
Allergan Is Set Up for Success in 2018, UBS Says
4.cspmedia 02/06/2018
Announces Positive Top Line Phase 3 Results for Ubrogepant - an Oral CGRP Receptor Antagonist for the Acute T…
5.TradeChem 09/10/2017
Reversing on the chart, possible cup and handle
6.blackopsstreet 12/01/2017
dont remind me
7.7senza6 02/01/2018
Receives FDA Approval of AVYCAZ
8.GeniusByTrade 02/28/2018
News out here
9.GeniusByTrade 10/19/2017
Here is what Cramer says.....
10.allaccesscompute 03/18/2018
Barrons sees the stock as a turnaround play - has a promising pipeline and current stock price is appealing
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