1. pennypinch11
2. MinistryofCharts
3. IttyBitty
5. Ramon25
1.Ramon25 10/02/2017
ESPN is losing subs, that is the thing that going on! It's dragging profits down. Studio and amusement parks doing extraordinary however.
2.pennypinch11 09/24/2017
Walt Disney threatens to pull ESPN, ABC from Optimum
3.MED9SHARES 11/07/2017
Added $90s today, look at that chart!
4.pennypinch11 02/05/2018
Disney earnings: Is Disney positioning itself for the future, or clinging to the past?
5.pennypinch11 02/12/2018
Comcast is considering reviving plan to acquire assets of FOXA despite Disney deal,
6.MinistryofCharts 10/01/2017
Disney effect on Dow and S!&P 500 futures?
7.peterpeperoni 02/22/2018
Disney wants to stop Redbox from selling downloadable codes for its movies.
8.MinistryofCharts 02/07/2018
CNBC notes that the new ESPN streaming service will cost $4.99/month
9.happyinvestor 02/05/2018
FYI ……..
10.pennypinch11 08/03/2018
seven-year deal that will bring a ton of fights to ESPN.
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