1. compressor49904
2. army0f1
3. bleecher98street
4. appaulledwilly
5. hjdhjqcndapz5
1.bleecher98street 11/01/2017
Beat est. earnings by 20%
2.compressor49904 01/30/2018
News today - Reports Q3 GAAP loss of $0.60 per share.
3.bleecher98street 10/18/2017
The Force Is Weak With Electronic Arts As 'Star Wars' Game Delayed
4.appaulledwilly 01/25/2018
Wedbush reiterates Buy rating, $136 PT
5.compressor49904 10/18/2017
Whats the consensus of this going into earnings?> beat? running up into earnings?
6.army0f1 10/18/2017
Wow, down because of this?
7.army0f1 01/31/2018
PT raised to $143 from $131
8.compressor49904 10/31/2017
Will buy the dip tomorrow
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